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SAPPHIRE ProAV Product Site

Welcome to SAPPHIRE Technology ProAV product-site. Please follow this link to visit our corporate site for more information on our other families of products including consumer graphics, workstation graphics, motherboards, solutions for embedded products.

A Complete Ecosystem of Technologies for Digital Signage

Comprised of proven, feature-rich solutions, the SAPPHIRE range of Pro AV products provides audio/video professionals a selection of versatile building blocks for the deployment of state-of-the-art digital signage systems. From player PCs, advanced splitters, and digital signage software to extenders, the SAPPHIRE Pro AV product line is ever expanding.

At the forefront of technology, SAPPHIRE is dedicated to the development of highly reliable, interoperable Pro AV products for bar/restaurant, corporate, retail, house of worship, and other environments.

SAPPHIRE Pro AV sales consultants are available at every stage of your project – from conception to post-deployment.


SAPPHIRE offers a comprehensive line of high-quality, cost-effective products that work seamlessly with one another, yet complement other product lines.


SAPPHIRE differs from other manufacturers by being a total solution provider at the forefront of IT/AV convergence, and supporting clients from beginning to end.


Numerous industries can benefit from digital signage installations. SAPPHIRE has the experience and know-how to help realize these projects.